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Instagram story is one of the most important tools to informing various events for online businesses. If you manage online businesses, it is necessary to use the best tools to inform the events easily with high quality, and it causes your followers to increase.

One of these famous tools on Instagram is Countdown which by using that you can attract followers, and maybe you want to remember an event by Countdown to your followers. As we said before, Countdown is used to inform the future events for all users; update your application to the latest version.

In this article, we will talk about the abilities and how to use the Countdown to you. Follow us.

What is the Countdown?

The Countdown is an attractive and useful tool that everyone can inform different events their followers. Before, these sticker events informing done just by Instagram itself, but now it lets everyone after finishing countdown time receive a notification.

Using this tool, you can create a countdown maximum for one year and notify followers. Also, your followers can share your Countdown, but part of your content, not all of them.

When the Countdown is activated, a notification sends to you and informs you of an event. So you can see if your followers activate the “remind me” from your story. It is necessary to know that you can receive this information from the notification part.

After finishing the time of Countdown, everyone sees it as 00:00:00.

How to activate and use the Countdown

We taught about the features of this sticker before; now we want to teach how you can use it:

  • Enter your Instagram story page

instagram countdown

  • Record a video or take a photo or attach the file from the gallery

instagram countdown

  • Select the countdown sticker from top of the page

instagram countdown

  • Pull up the page to choose the countdown sticker

instagram countdown

  • Choose a name for your countdown

instagram countdown

  • Then set your desired time

instagram countdown

  • Choose the desired color

instagram countdown

  • If you want to allow people to follow your countdown choose it

instagram countdown

  • Post your countdown

instagram countdown


Using countdown in Instagram story

Using countdown, go to the Instagram story and create your content, such as taking photos, adding a photo from a gallery, writing text, or using stickers. After that, it is enough to open the stickers part from the top of the page and find the countdown.

By choosing countdown, you can see some features:

Countdown name

You can choose a name for your countdown. We suggest you do not use long names and use the names that attract your audience; for example, use the “10% off” and set the date and time.

Set end date and time

With this ability, you can set the date and time of your event to inform your followers.

Change the color

Do you see the circle on top of the page? If you click on it, the countdown color changed, and you can choose your desired color.

Note: the limitation of your story does not mean the limitation of your countdown. You can set it for one year.

instagram countdown

How does countdown used for an online business?

If you manage your online business on Instagram, it is excellent. Every tool in Instagram can be used in online business, and all stickers have a high potential to increase your business.

In this part, we want to introduce four usage samples of the countdown for your online business to improve your sales.

Instagram live

The best way to inform events on Instagram live is using countdown. By using this, you can show the exact time of lives to your followers. It is better to announce the time of your live and want the followers to activate the “remind me”. It causes the number of those who see your live to increase.

Webinars and training courses

If you are an expert and have Webinars and training courses, the countdown is necessary for you. This training is held online and has a specific time, but maybe most of the followers and users forget, so it is better to use countdown and want them to activate “remind me”.

Webinars and training courses have limited capacity for all followers, so it is better to set the countdown to register. The limited announcement causes that everyone hurries to register at the first opportunity.

Period a meeting

For your online business, there is a need to hold a meeting to have a close relationship with your audience. These meetings help you increase your followers and their trust, improving your business.

For example, you can explain the advantages of your products and attract the user to buy.

OK! How can you announce the time of the meeting? You can activate the countdown for the meeting and want the followers to activate “remind me”.

Holding a contest

If you want to hold a contest, you should inform the time of start. The contest has a limited time; you should inform users that they can participate. So set the countdown and announce the exact date and time of the contest and want them to activate “remind me” to receive the notification.


Instagram has different stickers, and most of them for entertainment, but some of these, like countdown use for online business and inform the most events of your business. If your followers activate “remind me”, your followers increased.



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