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Delete Instagram account update (2021)

Instagram account deletion training (permanent and temporary)

Instagram can be an engaging social media, but it can also be boring! All around the world, with over one billion users, Instagram is famous for being up to date with friends and celebrities. Sometimes, it cannot be interesting to follow others’ lives and moments and not share your life and moments with others. So there is just one solution; delete your Instagram account!

Deleting an Instagram account has not any difficulties. At first, it is so essential that you have made your decision and be determined to delete your Instagram account! If you are sure about this and your decision is serious, read the article to the end and do the steps carefully.

One critical case is introduced about deleting Instagram that which one is better Permanent or temporary removal? This is the problem! Which one can solve your problem?

First of all, you should determine your decision to say goodbye and remove Instagram forever or whether you will take a vacation for a while! This means that if you wish to delete your Instagram account or deactivate your account permanently.

Now let us explain the difference between the two Permanent or Temporary deleting Instagram account. Follow us in this article.

Deletion of Instagram account permanent:

instagram delet account permanently

Deleting your Instagram account permanently means that you want to leave your Instagram account and no longer want to return to Instagram, or at least want to say goodbye to your account forever.

By this act, you will permanently delete your profile, all your photos, videos, comments, likes, and most importantly, your followers.

By choosing this method, there is no way to regret it, so it is important to download your information from Instagram before you permanently delete your account.

Delete your Instagram account temporarily:

instagram delet account temporarily

Another way to delete an Instagram account is to delete or deactivating the Instagram account temporarily. In this way, your account will temporarily disappear, but your information will keep it!

This way is great for people who want to be far away from Instagram for a limited time but do not want to lose data, posts, and followers.

Importing factors that should be done before deleting the Instagram account:

Now that we have learned the difference between temporary and permanent removal, we want to teach you an essential and practical trick!

If you want to delete your Instagram account forever and have decided, it is better to download your information from Instagram before doing so.

Now follow us to learn its procedure step by step:

  • Go to the Instagram page in the information download section.
  • Enter your username and password, and then go to the next page.
  • After that, enter the email you want the information to be sent to you.
  • Finally, click the Request Download button and wait about 48 hours; a copy of all the information you have uploaded to Instagram, such as your photos, videos, comments, and account. Information will be sent to you.

Now it’s time to learn step by step how to delete your Instagram account with your computer permanently.

The instruction of permanent deletion of Instagram account!

Go to the permanent deletion page of your Instagram account and enter your username and password to get started.

You can select one of the following ways that we learn from you in continue.

In some cases, Instagram will provide you with information to dissuade you from deleting your account!

Trouble getting started: If you newly enter Instagram and do not know more about Instagram, you can select this option.

Too many ads: If you tired of too many Instagram ads? This option is for you!

Concern about my data: If you are not sure about the security of your information on Instagram and worry about them, you can select this option.

Created a second account: Select this option if you want to create a new account.

Too busy / too distracting: If Instagram takes a lot of time from you, you can choose this item.

Privacy concerns: One of the biggest Security and privacy concerns that everyone has are also the important reasons for deleting your Instagram account.

Want to remove something: If your reason for deleting the account is to get rid of some information such as post and chat history, click on this option to have Instagram give you the solution.

Can’t find people to follow: If you are alone on Instagram and cannot find a friend, this option is for you.

Something else: If you have another reason to delete this account? Select this option. After determining your reason, enter your password and finally click the Delete button to finish the procedure forever!

Restore a deleted Instagram account!

instagram restore

After completing the deletion steps, your account will delete for one or two months. During this time, your account is hidden from others, but you have the opportunity to restore it if you were regretting to delete your account. To do this:

  • First, enter the deleted page with your username and password on Instagram.
  • Then click on Keep Account to get your account back.

Note, this is the only applicable method that you can use to return your account within one month after the removal.

Now it’s time to learn step by step how to delete your Instagram account with your phone permanently.

Also, you can delete your account from your Instagram app forever. Many users do this method easier and faster. You can do this step by step as follows.

Let’s start:

  • Open your Instagram application on your phone.
  • Then log in to your profile and select Settings.
  • After that, enter the Help section
  • Select Help Center.

Now follow these steps to continue:

  • Select the Managing your account option.
  • Delete Your Account.
  • Finally, choose How to delete my Instagram account?
  • Now choose “Delete Your Account” at the bottom of the page to enter the page to delete your Instagram account.
  • Now, you should determine the reason for deleting the account and delete your account forever by entering your password.

How to delete an Instagram account temporarily (deactivate account):

If you are one of those users that want to stay away for a while from the Instagram world, you can use this method to deactivate your account and disappear for a while temporarily.

In the following, we will explain this method and teach you how to deactivate your Instagram account.

Important Note: You do this method just through the web version of Instagram!

Let’s do these steps together:

  • Go to the Instagram site and enter your username and password.
  • Now tap on your photo and select Settings from the options.
  • Tap Temporarily disable my account at the bottom of the page.
  • Then you should choose your reason to deactivate and answer this question “why are you disabling your account?”
  • After that, Enter your password and finally click the temporarily disable account button.
  • Done! Your account has been successfully deactivated.

Restore disabled Instagram account

Maybe after a while, you decide to return to the world of Instagram, and you want to restore your deactivated account, so it is not a difficult task at all! You can follow the steps to continue:

  • Just open Instagram and enter your username and password.

Note: Remember that you will not be able to do this again for 14 days after activating or deactivating your account.

Frequently asked questions about deleting Instagram account:

instagram delete account

I delete my page, and now I want to create a new page with the same name again. Can I do this?

The answer is no! by deleting the Instagram page, all its information, including the username, is permanently deleted. So you should change your username before deleting your account if you intend to do so. In this case, your original username will remain intact.

Can I restore my information after deleting my Instagram account?

You can deactivate your account, but after permanent deletion, you will not access the information. Even Instagram itself will no longer have your input!

I deleted an email from my account, so can I create a new account with the deleted email?

The answer is no! Each email is for one account only, and it does not depend on you have deleted the account. If this email is important to you and you might want to use it later to create a new page on Instagram, you can change your email from the settings page before deleting your account.

When our account deleted permanently, will the messages be received by the audience?

No, but your account name has been deleted, and your name will be displayed to others as an Instagrammer.

Is it necessary to have a password to delete an account?

It would be best to use your password to delete your account without a password. You could recover your password if you forgot it by the related method.

What can I do if I do not know my password and do not have access to my email or phone number to create an account?

In this case, you can send a supportive email to Instagram and solve the problem.

Goodbye to Instagram!

Nowadays, social media have become an essential part of our lives. But sometimes, we need to remove this part of life!

Instagram is one of these social networks, so sometimes, it is necessary to delete the Instagram account. Whatever your reason, deleting an Instagram account is not a difficult task!

In this article, we explained and taught you all the ways and methods of deleting an Instagram; Both the technique of permanent deletion and the temporary or deactivating method! You can comment to us if you have any questions and add anything that you know about Instagram deleting methods and send us to share.


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