Telegram vs. Instagram

Social network or social media

At first, it is better to see what a social network is and how it differs from social media. After that, we will get into the difference between Instagram and Telegram.

An expert’s ideas, social media are the platform in which social networks are. In other words, logically, the relationship between social media and social networks is in their publicity and privacy, and social media is a more general concept than a social network.

Telegram and Instagram are both introduced in the social network and fall into this category, but what kind of social network they are is different. There are many types of social networks all around the world.
Now let’s go to talk about Telegram and Instagram and their differences.

The Genesis of the Telegram


Telegram is an app that was launched by two brothers, Paul Dorf and Nikolai Dorf. In 2017, Telegram became the seventh most widely used messenger with about 180 million users. In March 2018, Telegram announced more than 200 million users. The app has already been downloaded 100 million times on Google Play.

The Genesis of the Telegram


Instagram was developed in Kevin Francisco by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, which is actually about mobile photography. What launched the first version of Instagram in October 2010. The service quickly gained popularity, reaching more than 100 million users by April 2012 and 300 million users by December 2014. And now, on Google Play, this application has been downloaded to 1 billion.

Differences between Telegram and Instagram

Telegram and Instagram are popular apps that do not need to introduce them, and many people spend hours a day with these applications. Telegram is a messenger that, because of its security, speed, capabilities, and… has been able to gain lots of popularity in a short time.

Instagram is famous for sharing clips, videos, and photos, and users can share what they do in their life on their pages with other users, and they can visit others’ posts and like and comment.

One of the main differences between the two apps is that Telegram is one of the messaging networks, but Instagram is a social network used to share images and clips.

instagram microblog

What does micro-blog mean?

It is essential to use our information practically and put it into practice unless there are so much non-practical and purely theoretical content on the Internet that they have no limits. Everyone who has a blog or produces content on the Internet is familiar with the blog and knows about the blog: a space available to the user.

The user can create and publish content in that space according to the conditions there. This space can be an Instagram page, a website, or something like that. So if someone is familiar with blogging and content production basics, he can certainly work very well on Instagram and grow.

It does not mean that Telegram does not require this knowledge; Telegram, in terms of being a social network, finally needs to create content and publish it.

Now how does Instagram solve the problem as a micro-blog?!

One of the reasons that cause Instagram to micro-blog is the difference between this media and Telegram. It warns those who are active in Telegram do not enter Instagram in the same way and make some changes in their content production and strategies.

So it is necessary to remember that you should create exciting and attractive content with no expiration date on Instagram. You should know that the essential factor in Instagram is “creativity in content production.”

So we can say that the main difference between Instagram and Telegram is that this is a micro-blog and Telegram Messenger. It means that for places where the volume of messages is high and needs to be communicated daily, Telegram as a messenger is the best choice.

For locations where the importance of messages is trimmer and more need to share with the audience, Instagram is the best option. In this case, with these definitions, Instagram is a much better option for small businesses than Telegram.

The difference between Instagram and Telegram in terms of SEO

Content marketing requires more effort and time than other advertising methods such as clicks and Google ads, etc. Still, as a result, if you follow the principles of content production and increase the content power of the website, the work will be much higher, and you will get more success.

But you were producing content without an audience has not no importance. Your content needs an audience that always follows you and ultimately introduces your brand based on the experience they have already gained with your professional activity.

In this short article about content production on Telegram and Instagram, we will talk about the fact that producing content on Telegram or Instagram will affect the SEO of your site??

From the last ten years until today, we have experienced different social networks. Today, with the popularity of mobile phones and tablets connected to high-speed Internet, social networks have left the space of websites and migrated to mobile applications.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks globally, resulting from its creators’ intelligence and ingenuity, and now its primary owner is Facebook.

There are currently thousands of official and unofficial channels and pages on these networks, and one way you can get your audience to your website very quickly.

The main difference between Telegram and Instagram in SEO is that Instagram is also available on web pages. The official site and can be checked and even Like and comment. Still, Telegram is social media, not in the form of a web page.

So you can only publish articles for your channel members. Then, by forwarding and posting on other pages, the number of members of your channel increases, but on Instagram, it can also be followed by Google searches.



Which app is the best for advertising?

Social networks, especially Telegram and Instagram, are viral among audiences all around the world. It causes businesses to launch some campaigns and start their ads on these networks. This article wants to ask which social network is the best choice for advertising—ads on Instagram or ads on Telegram.

Most users also ask questions in this regard and want to know which program can get them to their goals sooner and how their ads will be more effective. The most critical issue with ads is the amount of your budget to do this.

Most customers who refer to this field want to get the most out of their ads at the lowest cost. The ad has a good return that is done several times in the most visited channels and pages.

What are the different important factors between Telegram and Instagram in advertising?

On Instagram, because of its visual features, everyone uses it to see posts and stories, but on Telegram, the feature that attracts everyone is communicating. Your message should be prepare and publish strongly that attract your audience.

Note: In Telegram, you should share messages with others, but on Instagram, everyone can use tagging to invite their friends to show something to each other?

If you get these differences between Instagram and Telegram completely, it can help you use these apps rightly in your advertising.

 Note: Creating the groups in Telegram is the important difference that causes interaction and separates these two apps from each other. Because you can not use this feature on Instagram right now, but if your messages are attractive enough to your audience in the base of visual content on Instagram, your page will grow, and your followers will increase.

How to choose a suitable advertising space?

The first step in advertising is to identify the target market. To determine the target market, you must have a basic knowledge of marketing. By specifying the right topic, you can easily decide where and how to advertise to get a good return.

You should determine the target market logically and thoughtfully. You first need to find out who your real customers are. Where are they? And what do they need most? Next, you need to find the answers to such questions:

What are your customers’ group’s ages? What is their gender? Their lives’ geographical location and income level are the questions that determine who we should most look for.

For example, in advertising the site design, most customers are men. We can divide into several categories with different age groups, and other categories such as residence and …

In Instagram ads, the text is used as a margin to the image, but in Telegram, the text is important than the image. So remember that if your audience reads a text on Instagram, there should be a strong reason for them in your vision, video, and text.

On the other hand, when text and images are so crucial in telegrams, you need to have a particular strategy for text and pictures and know that your texts must directly mean your photos.

Differences in the appearance of both networks

Instagram and its pages are designed as a grid by default, but Telegram is intended to be a stream, which means an Instagram page gives more information to the audience at a glance, and the person will have more choice. Still, Telegram has no such feature in channels like Instagram, and the person goes up and down in a group or channel.

Here in both networks (Instagram and Telegram), you should prepare more engaging and helpful content for your audience, and it causes your audience to stay on your company channel or page. Of course, visiting and following Instagram and Telegram channels is different.

Ads based on a specific geographical area

The target market is better to choose on Instagram for advertising in a specific region or a city. Because Instagram has tags with which you can access users in the areas you want.

Telegram also has channels particular to the geographical areas, but usually, the users who follow Telegram channels are less than Instagram. So Instagram is more efficient in this regard.

Are your customers women or men?

If your customers are primarily women, we suggest you use Instagram for advertising. Of course, there are many channels for men or women on Telegram. But you can find women more easily on Instagram.

Do you want to connect with your customers directly?

If you want to communicate quickly and directly with your customers, we suggest you Telegram. Because Telegram is a messenger and your customers can quickly contact you and ask you their questions. By using Telegram Robot, you can answer users’ frequently asked questions.

instagram and telegram

Finally, which one “Instagram ads or Telegram ads”?

There is no exact answer to this question, as we said. Suppose you determine your target market first after you can easily decide between Instagram and Telegram in advertising. Instagram is a better place to share videos and animations. But Telegram is better for images and GIF files.

You can choose according to your content; if your content is the best and effective will undoubtedly have a better impact on your audience.


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