What Does Close Friends Means on Instagram?


What is the Close Friend, and how can we use it? This is a question that every new user of Instagram has. There is green bottom on an Instagram story called the Close Friends. Before Close Friend was activated on the Instagram application, all the users could see the stories, but by this feature, the page’s admin can filter and choose the users who see the stories.

If you wanted to share the story with desired followers, you should go to the setting and hide the story from those you do not want them to see. Now by this, you can create a group and share with them. 

Especially the public pages have a high number of followers who are friends, known and unknown followers, so they want to show their stories just for whom they want. In fact, by this ability, your story is seen by whom you choose, not everybody. In this article, we want to explain the abilities of Close Friends.

instagram close friend

How do I know if I’m on a close friend list?

Until the person does not use Close Friends, you cannot see them. So, there is no any way that you can see the Close Friend list when you understand that the green circle appears around the profile picture.

Note: No one can request to be added to your Close Friends list, and it doesn’t notify anyone when they are added to a Close Friends list, and it doesn’t notify them when they are removed from that list. So you can add and remove people from your Close Friends.

How to Make Money from Close Friend

The Close Friends feature is used as entertainment by most users. But the online businesses and influences use Close Friend features for earning money. To continue, we will talk about some methods of earning money from Close Friends.

Offers and Discounts to Special Customers

Some Instagram online businesses consider special off for their permanent followers with close friend feature. They create a group and add the special followers as close friends and present the special prizes and off to them and this causes the more customers to attract.

Special Content

Influencers also use the close friend feature to earn money. They create engaging and useful content such as entertainment, economical, universal, etc. To have this content, followers should pay money, be a member in groups, and buy the content.

Remove Yourself from Others Close Friend

Sometimes you do not want to be on others’ close friends’ list, and you do not feel comfortable, but there is no way to do this by yourself, so what do you do?

  • First, you can talk directly to the admin of that page and remove your ID from the Close Friend, which is the best way you can do it.
  • Second, you can unfollow the user, but maybe they are your friend, and you cannot do this easily.
  • Third, block the user. If you block that user, they can not find you anymore, and you get a ride.

How to Activate Instagram Close Fiends?

instagram close friend

  • At first go to your profile
  • Click on three line on the top right of the page

instagram close friend

  • Choose the close friends section

instagram close friend

  • Now you can select who you want

instagram close friend

  • You can edit your close friends after or before your stories.

instagram close friend

  • Go to the Instagram camera part

instagram close friend

  • Choose your content

instagram close friend

  • click close friend bottom to post your story just for your close friends

instagram close friend


Note: You can remove the followers you do not want from Close Friend list.

Note: Image 3 shows that you can add new users to your close friend list.


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