How to Remove Instagram Fake Followers


We recently spoke with one of our clients who was very worried. Because he had already bought many fake followers, and now he knew that according to the new algorithm, his Instagram page might be blocked. Anyone looking to increase followers and sales on Instagram has been deceived into buying fake followers at least once!

Are you one of them? Are you Looking for an Instagram follower removal program? Do not worry. Because in this article, we will introduce ways to you.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

Until a few years ago, everyone started an Instagram page and wanted to increase sales and followers. The first solution was buying followers. These fake followers had not any activity. These pages are invalid in the eyes of Instagram.

Buying a fake follower is not useful. Why? Let’s start with an example.

If you have 12,000 followers and only 2,000 are real, and 10,000 of your fake followers do nothing and do not interact with your page, Instagram understands it, which is very important for Instagram. So Instagram deletes your fake followers very quickly and may even block your page!!

So let’s not think about fake followers until it’s too late.

Should we use the Instagram Fake follower removal program?

Software or robots built for this purpose are not useful. Why? Because these robots unfollow a large number of your followers together. Instagram understands this and blocks your page. So do not think about using a robot at all because we have better solutions.

How to remove fake followers? Note that never deleting or unfollowing fake followers manually at all. It takes a lot of time, and it’s not useful!

It would help if you decreased the effect of fake followers until they are removed. So by doing a series of tricks; Increase the activity and engagement of real followers to decrease the effect of fake followers.

For example, out of 10,000 followers, if 1,000 of them are real, it’s enough. What should we do now? Here are some ways in which, after a while, your fake followers will be removed automatically, and the effect of real followers will increase.

Increase real followers by using ads

One of the best solutions is advertising. Using the right advertisements on Instagram increases the number of real and quality followers. That means you attract related followers who are very active and it causes increasing the engagement rate, and you will be acceptable for Instagram. Are you familiar with the principles of advertising on Instagram? If not, be sure to contact our team for guidance or read other articles on the site.

Post a story and engage the followers

What is our goal? To decrease the effect of fake followers who do nothing! How? By increasing the activity of our real followers. The story is the most important part of Instagram; by that, you can be seen. By the stories, you can increase the interaction of the followers. The story has many capabilities, and you can do a lot with the stickers themselves.

Generate challenging content

You should share content that increases the activity of real followers. What kind of content?

  • Holding a contest
  • Poll followers
  • Make them tag their friends
  • Leave a comment
  • Educational posts! Followers always like learning.

There may be various methods on different sites such as; Suggest deleting or removing followers, using robots and Instagram follower delete programs, delete the account, and recreate the account. But none of them are useful and cause a waste of time and money. You are so doing that only by producing effective and good content. This will both decrease the effect of fake followers and boost your chances of being seen in Explorer.

Attention! The methods we mentioned will take about 3 to 6 months to remove the fake follower. Do not hurry and concentrate on the conflict of real followers.

Finally ‌ that… Always choose methods that are safe and secure that cause you to receive the desired result. Do not try to finish everything overnight because it has consequences. Especially on Instagram with its clever intelligence!

How to Remove Instagram Fake Followers

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