Downloading and Installing Instagram for PC


These days, Instagram is an important part of our lives. Many people use Instagram from morning till night and make money from it. That is why they prefer to install Instagram on their computer or laptop, not to have to work only with mobile phones.

People have different reasons for using Instagram on their systems in addition to their mobile phones. Here we introduce you to different ways of downloading Instagram for PC. If you are one of those who are not yet proficient in Instagram or are just starting to work with it, do not miss our step-by-step Instagram article. Become an Instagram master by reading this article.

Download Instagram for PC

This section will introduce you to some software that helps you have Instagram on your computer without any problem, just by downloading it.

Download Instagram Grid for PC


Instagram Grid is one of the most popular Instagram software for PC. This attractive software has capabilities that other software does not have. That’s why many people prefer this software and do not look for anything. 

Instagram Grid Features

  •  Install on Windows 7/8/8 ٫ 1/10
  •  post (videos and photos) via computer
  • Connect to multiple accounts and switch between them
  • IGTV and Direct Support (Send photos, videos, and… Direct)
  • Receive feed page notifications (likes, comments, friend requests) via PC
  •  View and posting stories
  • Tag people, hashtags, locations, and…

In short, you can experiment with any Instagram features on your computer that mobile has.

Instagram for PC; Windows 10

Windows 10 are used by many people these days. For this reason, we decided to introduce Instagram, which is specific to Windows 10. This software has many features, but it has decreased the number of fans, such as posting.

Download bluestack and install Instagram

INSTAGRAM bluestack

There are other solutions besides the direct installation of Instagram. It is easier to download the software directly, like Instagram Grid, but we will introduce other methods in this article.

Bluestack is the best software for Android that. By installing it on your computer, you can install and use your desired Android application freely. It provides you with the same space as a mobile phone.

Step 1: Download BlueStacks software.

Step 2: Install the software on the system.

Attention! Make sure the (App store access) and (Application Communications) options are selected.

Step 4: After installation, run Bluestacks.

Step 5: Click the Search button and type and search Instagram. Then click on the Instagram icon.

Step 6: Now, you should log in to your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you can create one for yourself from within the Bluestacks application.

Step 7: In Google Play, open the page related to the Instagram application, click the Install button, and then Accept. In this way, Instagram is downloaded and installed on Bluestacks.

Attention! Attention! Install Bluestacks on your system cause your system works slow. You must enable Virtualization in BIOS to prevent system speed changes. How?

At the first restart of the system. After that, click the Budget section bottom (Delete / F2 / F10). When you enter the BIOS section, enable the virtualization option and then restart the system again.

Similar software to Instagram

There are similar apps to Instagram that you can have on your system. Here are some of these soft wares.

Gramblr software

instagram Gramblr software

This is free software for posting pictures and videos that you can install. Of course, it is necessary to create an Instagram account. After you install the Gambler, you will log in to your account and post.

How do I post in Grambler?

  • Download and install Grambler.
  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Select the photo and video you want to post.
  • Write a caption for it.
  •  Click the Upload option.

Attention! In this software, writing caption is necessary for the posts. If the text box is empty, an error message will be received.

Download Instagrille software

instagram Instagrille software

Instagrill is software that you can manage your Instagram account from your computer. With this software, you can visit other people’s posts and their pages, follow and unfollow others, like, and comment.

Attention! With Instagrill software, you cannot post (photos or videos) on Instagram.

Download Flume software for Mac

instagram Flume software for Mac

Do you Looking for Instagram to download for your Mac? The best choice is Flum software. This software is an emulator of Instagram, which is designed for Mac systems.

Google Chrome extensions to install Instagram

In this part of the article, we will introduce several Google Chrome extensions that you can install on your Chrome system; you can use Instagram features.

Install Website for Instagram extension

Install Websta for Instagram extension

This is one of the most useful extensions for Instagram. Adding it to Google Chrome access the following features:

  • You can use Instagram from your computer, like a mobile phone.
  • Possibility of downloading videos, photos, and stories from Instagram
  •  Posting directly from the computer
  •  Viewing posts in high quality

Install Notification for Instagram extension

Install Notification for Instagram extension

The name of this software indicates that it shows us notifications. It means that with this, you can find out what is going on on your Instagram. For example, you will receive notifications for followers posting, likes, following, and so on.

Finally, in this article, we taught you how to have Instagram on your computer, have Instagram on your phone, and have other software! Now, after installing Instagram, you should know all the options and features of Instagram well.

Downloading and Installing Instagram for PC

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