Instagram: How to Activate Dark Mood Feature?

What is the dark mood on Instagram?

Most people prefer to activate an attractive feature on Instagram called Dark Mood because the light color monitors suffer the user and increase battery consumption, so users are looking for ways to activate the dark mood in their systems. Instagram Dark Mood is active for Android 10 and iOS 13. Because of the popularity of this feature, we want to talk about the Dark Mood in different systems. Follow us.

Why is the Instagram Dark Mood feature important?

In this feature, the white background of Instagram changed to black. It means that most themes of Instagram are dark because of protecting the eyes. In recent years all designers started to introduce the Dark Mood in their applications.

Instagram is the newest application that has the Dark Mood feature. So everyone who wants to protect their eyes when using Instagram at night can use this feature. In the past, you had to use “smart invert,” but it caused the photo’s resolution to decrease.

Instagram Dark Mood activation in Android & iOS

If you want to activate Instagram Dark Mood, at first, you should update your application. Remember that this feature is not in the setting part.

How to activate the Dark mood feature in iOS?

  • At first, open the setting section. Remember that your iOS should be updated up to 13.
  • Click General and then Software Update and update your system if necessary.

      activate Dark mood feature ios

  • After updating the software, go to setting again to activate the Dark Mood.
  • Click the Display and Brightness
  • Choose the Dark Mood.

Also, you can activate the automatic feature to activate Dark Mood at sunset automatically.

  • Now, when you open Instagram, it shows the dark new theme.

activate Dark mood feature ios

If your Instagram does not change to Dark Mood, you should update your application.

Note: The Dark Mood in iOS impress all programs on your phone.

How to activate the Dark mood feature in iOS?

  • At first, enter the “Setting” and click the Display bottom
  • Note now find and click the Dark Mood and activate it.

activate Dark mood feature android


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