Color and Font Changing in Instagram Story

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All of us seek to be more attractive and try to choose the most beautiful things. Nowadays, we spend more time on Instagram, so we should search for more attractiveness to introduce ourselves better. Fonts are one of the important tools to increase your attractiveness. This article will talk about sites and applications to change the font of stories and posts on Instagram.

Which sites are for font changing on Instagram?

If you want attractive fonts for your Bio and Instagram story, you can use the following sites below:

Font Generator

By entering the Font Generator site, face the image below:

Write your desired phrase in the box. After selecting the desired font, click the Go button until your desired font is shown to you.

font generator for instagram


Working with this site for Instagram is very easy. Just enter the site and write your desired phrase in the white box. After that, various fonts will be shown to you. Copy any of these fonts that you want. Now you can use them in your story or Bio.

igfonts for instagram


This site is as same as igfonts we introduced to you. You should enter the phrase you want for changing fonts until the different types of fonts show to you. Then copy and paste it.

Instafonts for instagram


The other site for changing fonts that have lots of followers is lingojam. By entering the site, write the phrase in the box until the fonts show it to you.

Lingojam for instagram


This site is one of the interesting sites for changing the Instagram Bio font. By entering this site, you faced the image below:
One of the interesting features of this site is that you can see the phrase with that font in your Instagram Bio by writing your desired phrase.

metatags for instagram

Software to change Instagram font

By installing this software, you can select different fonts within your mobile application without going to different sites.

Cool fonts

By downloading this software, you can make an attractive Bio. Of course, not only for Instagram but also for all Social media fonts you can use.

Font for Instagram

With this software, you can change the font of the story and Bio. With this software, you can choose different kinds of fonts and colors easily.


This software is one of the advanced ones to make photos and different fonts. If you want to create professional content such as posts, story and font changes, it is suitable software.

Font changing in Instagram story

Font changing in instagram story

There are five different styles to change the Instagram font in the story. Instagram gives you the ability to write your desired text in 5 different fonts! Each font has its use and beauty, and more importantly, the audience of each font is different; For example, some fonts are used for pages with a male audience, but some fonts are more attractive to women. A font that comes by default and is usually the same as your mobile font! This font is known as the Classic font on Instagram and can be seen in the Instagram font change section with the same name. But also, there are four other interesting fonts that we will explain here.

Modern font for modern and formal writings

The modern font is larger than the classic font. This font is usually used for formal writings. Of course, English writings it is used more than Persian. This font is a bit bold, but reading it is not boring for users! You can easily use this font for your modern business.

Neon font, attractive font for use on pages with female audiences

Neon is one of the fonts with which you can make your stories more interesting. Of course, the audience of this font is usually women. So if you have a page with female audiences, they will enjoy your story, and the interaction of your stories will increase.

Typewriter font, a small but professional font for writing general text

If you are looking for a simple and attractive font, this font is a good option. Interestingly, the Typewriter font is one of the best fonts for the story. The text of this font is easy to read. It is a suitable choice for many Persian pages that do not want to use the classic font.

Strong font, large font for writing important texts

Do you want to attract the users’ attention? Strong is one of the best fonts for this. This font, by its Italic and highlight, can attract more users! I suggest using this font only for short titles.

Change the color of the text in the Instagram story.

When you have selected the story font, you can change its color as well. Would you please pay attention to choose the font color because it is one of the most important things to increase user interaction? After writing the desired text, it is enough to select one of the several colors displayed at the bottom of the page:

Change the color of the text in the Instagram story

Always choose a color that does not decrease the audience’s readability. If you want to change the location of the text, you have to place your finger on the text and drag it to the desired location and then release it. Some users want the whole text to be one color but only give one or more specific words a different color; to do this, you have to select those words separately and apply your desired color!

Note that if you have several words in mind and those words are not in a row, you must select each word separately and change the color. For example, in the picture above, it is written (at you like), and the word you have a different color.

Change the font size and background of the post in the Instagram story.

Would you like to change the font size in the story? There is a solution to this. To change the size of the classic font in the Instagram story, select your text; there is a tool to make the text smaller or larger on the left side of the Instagram page:

Change the font size and background of the post in the Instagram story

Just drag it up to zoom in and down to zoom out, and resize your desired text. To change the other four fonts in the Instagram story, you must remove your text from the selected mode; then place your two fingers on that text and make the text smaller by zooming out!

Change the font size and background of the post in the Instagram story

How to change the Instagram stories background

After changing the fonts and the color of Instagram in the story, Instagram has provided another feature to users. Using the Instagram ability to change the text background in a story, users can easily publish their text in 3 modes (no background, full background, and semi-transparent background). All you have to do is select your text or click on it; Then click on the A icon at the top left of the screen to change your background.

Each time you click on it, the background changes. You have to be careful about one important point! If you use a background, the color selected in the previous step will be applied to the background, and your text will take on a contrasting background color to be perfectly readable! So if you chose a background after changing the color of the text in the story, the color might not suit your taste; select your text once more and change your background color with the related tool at the bottom of this page.

How to change the Instagram stories background


Color and Font Changing in Instagram Story

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