Instagram does not allow its users to see other users profile even they zoom on the profiles. On the other hand, the only visible thing that is the small photo on the left side of people, nothing more.

You may be looking to find out a variety reasons to download or zoom on profile photos. As mentioned, in general, when you want to change your profile photo, Instagram neither in its mobile version nor web version does not allow you to download and save you current profile photo, and in web version you just have a small photo of your profile account.

There are not many websites to download profile photos. Our site is the only site to download HD profile photos! To download Instagram profile photos, all you have to enter your username or the profile ID you want to copy in the first box of the site and search the download button, and then download the enlarge photo.


  • Support for download Hd Profile
  • Simple and beautiful ✨
  • You do not need to install anything 🙅


  • Step 1: log in into Instagram and the page you want to download.
  • Step 2: Copy the Instagram profile username.
  • Step 3: Paste username in the above input text box.
  • Step 4: Click on button to download picture.
  • Step 5: If you want to have a photo on its original size, select the Open image in new tab.
  • Step 6: Then place your finger on the profile image and click save, then it would be saved in your Gallery.

You can easily view the profile photo of the person you want and download it.