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The Complete Guide to Using Instagram Direct Message (DM)

Do you ever think about Instagram without Direct? In my opinion, it is not good at all. Think that there was no place that we could chat with others! Life was really hard!

Of course, Instagram has many features that you do not know anything about them!! But do not worry, because we will learn everything about Instagram step-by-step. By reading this article, you will become an Instagram master.

But let’s go to Instagram Direct and see how we should work with it.

What is Instagram Direct, and what is its use?

At first, we should learn what Instagram Direct is before we talk about the details of Direct.

Direct is a place you can chat with other Instagram users and followers, Both privately or with a group. It is interesting to know that video calling is possible.

How to send a direct message?

Where do we should go to get attractive direct? Send a direct message, go to the Home screen (bottom left), and touch the paper rocket icon at the top right.

instagram direct message

If you have not direct massage with anyone before, you have the option to send a message. Click on it to chat. If you have a message that has been sent to you before and you want to send a new message, click the paper and pen icon at the top of the page.

instagram direct message

Find the name of the person you want to chat with him in the search box at the top of the page. If you click on the search; there are shown the suggested list of Instagram. After clicking the chat option, you will enter the private chat part. Now you can start to chat.

instagram direct message

Send a direct message after seeing the user profile.

Another way to send a message to the user is the user profile page. After visiting someone’s profile, tap Message bottom in the same profile.

instagram direct message

Send a text message to Instagram direct.

To send a text message, all you have to do is start typing your message at the bottom of the chat page and click Send.

instagram direct message

Send voice message

Also, you can send a voice message. Just, record and send voice on the chat page. By entering to chat screen, hold the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen and start to record audio. Your voicemail will be sent immediately after you leave the bottom.

instagram direct message

Send photos and videos from the gallery.

You can send photos and videos with text and voice messages. On the Direct page, at the bottom right of the page, you can see an image icon that you can click to enter the photos from the gallery. Select your desired photos and videos from the gallery and click the send button.

instagram direct message

Send sticker and red heart.

Stickers are an important part of chats. There are series of stickers in access. In the chatbox, click on the sticker icon to open the stickers for you. In this part, both the stickers and the gifs are located.

instagram direct message

When you click on the sticker’s box, the stickers will open. At the bottom of the page, you can also see the Gif option.

instagram direct message

How to make a video call on Instagram?

You can make a video call on Instagram. When you enter the direct of Instagram, you will see a camera photo  at the top right of the screen. Select the person you want to make a video call by clicking on the camera icon. Click start when finding the person you want.

instagram direct message

How to create a group on Instagram Direct?

There are attractive features in Instagram Direct. If its features are not more than messenger software, it is not less. Would you like to have a group on Instagram direct with your friends?

instagram direct message

Creating groups in Instagram direct is very easy. Like when you search for someone’s name to send a message, you now have to search for the names of everyone you want to group with. After selecting all, click chat to create a group.

What are the requested or pending direct messages?

When someone is not your follower, he/she can not send you a direct message; when this person sends you a message, this message is placed in the waiting or request section. Where exactly is this section now? When you enter Direct, you will see Request at the top of the page. Clicking this icon shows a list of people who wants to chat with you.

instagram direct message

When you open the chat part, you will see the message sent. There are three options Accept, Delete and Block.

By selecting the Accept option, you accept the request chat. Then your chat page will be moved to the main section in Direct.

By selecting the Delete option, you will delete all messages from this user in the waiting section.

The Block option means you do not want to interact with this user at all. By selecting the block option, you can completely block that account.

instagram direct message

Details of each page

There are details on every page you chat with an account. The details section is at the top right. You can see this option in the picture below:

instagram direct message

When you click on the Details option, you will enter the following page:

instagram direct message

How to delete direct messages?

Sometimes to delete messages, you want to delete all chat or just some of the messages you have sent. There are solutions for both:

How to delete a chat?

To delete the chat, hold your finger on the same chat until seeing the Delete option.

instagram direct message

How do I delete a message in a chat?

You can delete any message. That there is no trace of it, neither for you nor for the other one. All you have to do is hold your finger on that message and tap Unsend Message.

Direct Instagram on PC

instagram direct message

Many people install Instagram on their computers. So we have to see how we can have it on the computer.

If you log in to your account from the Instagram site or Instagram Grid, you will see the direct icon at the top right of the page on the Home page. Click on it and go to the chats section. Of course, note that there is no video call in Direct Computer.

Instagram Direct Notification Settings

In the settings and notification section, you can adjust the direct notification sound. So in your profile section, enter the settings and the notification section. Then you will see the direct option that you have to click on.

Setting>Notification>Direct Message

In this part, you will see four parts:

Message Request:

This section is for announcing direct message requests. Those who have not followed you will have their message sent as a request. Do you have to choose whether the notification is on or off?

Group Requests:

This section is for announcing group messages. Do you like it on or off? The choice is yours.

Video Chats:

We said that the Direct part has video chat capability.


It means that you do not want to receive video call notifications.

From People I Follow:

It means to send only the video call announcement of the people I have followed.

From Everyone:

By selecting this option, everyone who calls you will be notified.


In this article, we said everything you should know about Instagram Direct. Direct is and what the options are, to how we should send the message and where direct is on the computer. Now, if you still have a question, send us a comment.


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